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Welcome to Powerboating at QM!

There are a number of reasons to take a Powerboat Level 2 or Safety Boat course at Queen Mary. You may be looking to become an RYA Instructor, for which the Level 2 is essential, you might be completeing the Safety Boat training to provide cover at your centre or perhaps you just want to improve your skills to further enjoy your time on the water powerboating.

  • We run scheduled Level 2 and Safety Boat courses and also offer personal tuition on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis.

  • Please see courses below or call the office to discuss personal tuition further on 01784248881

RYA Powerboat Level 2


This two day course runs from 09:30 to 17:00 both days.


The course, led by an RYA Powerboat Instructor, will be taught on a maximum ratio of 1:3, giving you plenty of time at the helm to practice and improve your powerboat driving skills and techniques. You will drive a range of powerboats over the weekend course, including fast wheel-steered centre-console RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats), tiller-steered 'Jaffas' (Jenneau Rigiflex boats) and one of our higher sided committee boats. The course content includes: 

  • Launch and recovery
  • Boat handling
  • Securing to a buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Leaving and coming alongside a pontoon
  • Man overboard
  • Theory

    International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

    If you are looking to gain your ICC for coastal waters or inland waters, the PBL2 award taken at QM can form the base of the practical assessment. Please visit the ICC page of our website for more information or call the QM Team on 01784 248881 for more information.


RYA Safety Boat


This two day course runs from 09:30 to 17:00 both days.


The course, led by an RYA Safety Boat Instructor, introduces a range of safety and rescue techniques to support and rescue dinghies, windsurfers and other water users.The course content includes:

  • Boat preparation
  • Boat handling, positioning in a fleet, sailing areas and response times, and communication with other craft
  • Dinghy rescue
  • Windsurfer rescue
  • Kayak/canoe rescue
  • Towing
  • End of day procedures
  • Theory to include use of VHF, suitability of craft, searches and knowledge of additional rescue situations.



About the ICC

The International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (commonly referred to as the International Certificate of Competence - ICC) was originally created to facilitate pleasure navigation along the length of the rivers Rhine and Danube.The evidence of competence required, differed for each of the countries the rivers pass through, which caused difficulties. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport sought to find a solution.

Validity of the ICC

An ICC is valid for those over the age of 16 and 5 years from the date of issue.

  • Coastal Theory £105 (4 hours)
  • CEVNI test £35 (1 hour)*

* please note there is pure assessment with no tuition available in the hour. If you would like tuition, please call and discuss with one of the Team.For more information call us on 01784 248881