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Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

  • This activity is regulated by AALA and we have confirmed the addition to our licence, for more details on AALA please see the safety page. We are also a recognised training centre under BSUPA  
  • SUPing is great fun as a sport, it is great for maintaining fitness and it is also a competitive sport. If you are interested to find out more and have a go at SUPing please give us a call  
  • Follow us on face book and tiwtter to find out about open days and taster sessions as we open the Queen Mary water for Stand Up Paddle Boarding


So how can I SUP at Queen Mary?

With the right conditions there are three ways to SUP

  • You can rock up with your board, pay for a day SUP and go SUPing 
  • You can Hire kit from us 
  • You can become a member and go supping anytime (please call for details)


How much is a days SUPing?

  • Week-day £12 
  • Weekends £16


How much is it to hire? 

Anyone may hire our SUP equipment as long as they have some experience. If they have none then we have try SUP days available. If we have a spare SUP instructor available for 20mins then they can be used to give a quick taster to get on the water there and then. This can be done for £10 per hour

When can I go SUPing?

  • Basically the wind conditions for SUPing have to be right, if it is too windy then is is very difficult and can become dangerous.
  • If the green flag is up then you can SUP


Where can I SUP

Unless it is dispayed otherwise on the 'Daily Information Board' in the foyer, the SUP area will be on the West side from the end of the bund round to the Extraction Plant, and SUPers must stay within 20m of the bank.  Alternative areas (displayed on the 'Daily Information Board') can be marked out by:

  • Large white bouys with distinctive yellow markings to mark the outer limits
  • To stay within 20 meters of the bank in other areas of the reservior
  • To open the whole of either side of the reservoir on a completely flat day with no forecasted wind and limited other use


When are the taster sessions?

  • A taster session is £20 for two hours, they are run thoughout the year, please call us for dates and details
  • QM are always offering last minute taster sessions when the weather is right, keep an eye on the website & facebook page for last minute offers!


What kit does QM have?

  •  A mixture of Starboard Atlas 12' and Whopper 10' which are a solid construction
  •  Along side a mixture of Red Paddle co. Ride 10'6" and Mega 10'8" which are inflatable


We are very excitied about SUP, give us a call to find out more!



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